"Discover And Master The Universal Laws That Lead To A Rich Life"

  • Learn How To Unlock Your Transformational Power And Manifest Faster Than Ever Before.

  • Learn To Master The Universal Laws And See Your Life Start To Flow In New And Incredible Ways.

  • Learn How To Expand Your Thinking And Become A Conscious Creator of Your Own Reality.

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I’m Camillo Loken and I’ve spent tens of years researching and breaking down those universal laws that could bring awareness, well-being and fulfilment.


After countless research projects, workshops, books and seminars, I’ve condensed all this knowledge into a simple step-by-step guide that can easily teach anybody how to manifest what they want faster than they´ve ever done before.


So, if you’re ready to take ownership and gain an in-depth knowledge about life, this could be the sign you were waiting for. All you need is an open mind and the willingness to learn. 


Each of the five steps will reveal very insightful and useful information that will help you progress to your desired state in life, while also allowing you to be at peace with what is.


There’s no need for any previous knowledge, as this comprehensive course offers complete and simple instructions. Sit back, open your mind and heart, and start the journey towards a fulfilled life! 


Just let nature take its course and the universal energy will guide you. 

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Any Of These Sound Familiar?

  • “I’m in a constant state of anxiety and I feel that I’m falling short on everything I set out to achieve in life"
  • “I know there must be more to life than I’m currently experiencing"
  • “I need to find meaning in life and a higher sense of belonging"
  • “I’m ready to dare more and discover what the universe has in store for me"
  • “How can I discover what I don’t know? How can I get out of my bubble?"
  • “Even though my life seems all figured out from the outside, I feel that it’s a mess"
  • “The burden of expectations is sometimes unbearable"
  • “I’ve lived until now without knowing who I really am"


If these intellectual and emotional pains are in your focus as well, don’t lose hope.


Your´re not alone.


Thousands of other people have been in a similar place, asking similar questions and I´ve helped them find the answers they were looking for.


I can do the same for you.



I´ll show you how to unlock the Transformational Power of Your Unconscious Mind and the Laws of The Universe.


From Student To Master

You see, many years ago the above questions and statements were aching pains for me as well. I felt anxious, unhappy, unsatisfied and unfulfilled. I used to work long hours for a large, international company.


A very demanding company and since their office was located in another city I had to commute 3 hours by car everyday. It was exhausting since I also had a wife and two kids I wanted to spend time with.


As I had to work more and more to get a raise, better perks and bonuses my life was more or less reduced to work and sleep.


After a while I started asking questions about what I was doing with my life. I realized I was not being true to myself.I was living a life that was expected of me - from my parents, from peers, from society.


Then something happened. I lost a friend and co-worker in a bizarre accident. He was only 35 years old, married and had two kids - just like me. All of a sudden he was gone.


This just reinforced my thoughts about being true to myself and live more from the heart because we never know when our time is up.


The first step I took was to quit my secure job, follow my instinct and let myself be driven by passion. A wild and crazy choice at the time, but looking back it was the best thing I ever did.


A started on a quest to find answers to the big questions in life:

  • who are we?
  • where do we come from? 
  • what are we doing here? 
  • how can we achieve happiness?

And it was an incredible journey, from being lost to being enlightened with the wisdom of insightful people:


  • Professors in quantum mechanics and psycho-energetic science and other scientists
  • Highly successful actors and artists
  • Multi-millionaires
  • A successful Hollywood director and more


My journey also led me to meetings with people with near-death experiences, famous psychics and mediums, channelers and shamans.


As a result the bridge between science and spirituality became very clear to me.



Universal Laws All Working Together

The Big AHA moment


Computing all the knowledge I had gathered and putting it into action, I started to feel an incomparable sense of happiness and fulfilment.


I was no longer afraid of uncertainty as I understood and embraced the Universal Laws that makes us who we are.


Just like some people before me, I was now enjoying a much better life due to the Universal Laws.


However, it seemed so strange to me that these Universal Laws, which were simply out there, were available to so few people.


Granted, most people have heard about the Law of Attraction, but this is just one law. You can´t just isolate one universal law from the rest.


You need to understand how this law and the other universal laws, governing your life, all work together. It´s like an orchestra. They all "play together". 


This was my big AHA moment.


At that point, I knew exactly what I had to do: I had to share this newly-found enlightenment with all those who seek and are ready for it. I started writing books and holding seminars about the body, mind, soul and their unity.


I became an author & speaker in the self-development field with a specialty in bridging science and spirituality.


I started sharing the answers I found on my quest because these answers can help anyone live better lives.


I’m not talking from theory. I’m talking from applied theory.


It’s a practice that worked for me and I’m here to show you how it can work for you.


From Lost To Belonging Anywhere


You’ll learn how to stop asking “why" and start asking “what", steering your life in a direction where fear is not present.


Without any prior knowledge, just by following the natural flow of the step-by-step guide, you’ll discover how to tune into the world around you and embrace it for successful living.


Love, abundance and peace will open up to you.


With the help of The Personal Reality Scale you’ll find exactly where you are and what you need to do in order to increase your awareness, knowledge and manifestation.


By changing the way your subconscious mind acts, you’ll be able to approach mastery and manifest your will as reality much faster.


You’ll no longer feel lost, you’ll find your place in all aspects of life: personal, family, friends, career, hobbies, living.


Just like Patricia Dawson did. 


She followed my step-by-step guide and went from anxious, lost and unhappy to a fulfilled, strong, free, knowledgeable and enlightened in a matter of months. Now she’s manifesting what she wants faster and faster, approaching mastery.

“Every time I ponder about the way I used to be, it seems incredible to me. I was truly living in a box, it was as if I had a blindfold on my eyes at all times. It was no wonder that every step I took, I took with fear. 


Now I’m out of the box and the blindfold is off. And such a wonderful world it is! This is the power of the step-by-step guide and of the laws of the universe. It’s free and fulfilled living. It gives you the tools, knowledge and courage to go after everything you want and get it!"

Patricia Dawson


Universal Laws For The Body, Mind & Soul

Each of us is unique, composed out of a specific energy that vibrates in different tones of sensibilities, strengths and goals.


But in this big unknown, there are still some laws that bind us all together and unite us: among ourselves and with the world that surrounds us.


In the end, we’re all connected with everything. And only by reaching out to this connection we can gain an in-depth understanding, achieve fulfilment and manifest our goals.


The step-by-step guide is going to reveal to you how this complex network of connections actually work and how you can tap into the laws of the universe to live a life that’s meaningful and filled with manifestations of your biggest desires.


If you want to tackle all aspects of your existence and discover the spiritual power of the energy of the universe for your body, mind and soul, the step-by-step guide is the unifying theory of happiness.


Start Living A Fulfilled Life Now, Not In Years.

The step-by-step guide is filled with all the knowledge and guidance you need to start living a happy life now. Without any complicated riddles that need solving or any tests you must pass in order to be granted access to an accomplished existence.

  • You’ll see real results manifest faster than with any other program out there. That’s because I’ve condensed tens of years of research and hard work into an essential power-house guide that’s easy to understand and apply.

  • Usually, the hard part is reaching the conclusions and gaining the wisdom I’ve gathered. I’ve spent years so that you can only spend days in order to make your life a part of the big universe and live whole-fully just like Kathryn Miller discovered...

Hi Camillo,
You have truly produced one of the best, most informative programs that I’ve ever seen!! There is absolutely nothing that I can recommend that you change. It truly was exceptional.

Kathryn Miller

Simply Explained Universal Laws for Long Lasting and Meaningful Change

More than 15 years of insight and  knowledge.

Common wisdom states that fulfilment is not something you reach over-night. It’s something that takes tedious years of hard-work to understand. Not only that, but it has a very complex and elusive nature. I couldn’t agree more.


That’s why I’ve spent more than 15 years doing research to find out what works and understand the complexity of the Bigger Picture of Reality and the Universal Laws.


That means you won’t have to undergo the same excruciating, stressful, daunting and treacherous path I’ve taken. You’ll simply be able to enjoy the result of my research and tap directly into easily explained universal laws that will get you the fulfilled life you are searching for.


Here’s what you’ll benefit from with the step-by-step guide:

    • My 15 years of insight and knowledge based on dedicated, passionate research into how the Universe operates and how your life is governed by certain “rules” or laws.

    • My interviews with extremely successful people showing me what it takes to succeed.

    • My interviews with professors in quantum mechanics and psycho-energetics as well as people with near-death experiences, mediums and shamans showing me the bridge between science and spirituality and how the body, mind and soul all work together to produce the reality you experience.

    You’ll see that changing your life for the better doesn’t have to be a cathartic process. On the contrary.


    Because understanding the universal laws offers you the knowledge and wisdom to look at life with more ease, it’s going to be a fun transformative process that you’ll actually enjoy.


    Just like Rita Thompson discovered:

    Awesome Truth!

    "I have been searching for this kind of teaching for a long time. There is so much out there that you don’t know what’s right. I believe I have found what I’ve been searching for, I can feel it, that this teaching is TRUTH. My two sons are going to take this course next. Thank You Camillo."

    Rita Thompson



    You´ll See The Bigger Picture of Reality


    You´ll Harness The Power of Your Creative Faculties

    You´ll Learn How To Manifest Faster Than Ever Before

    You´ll Learn The Power of Gratitude

    You´ll Learn To Play By The Laws That Govern Your Life


    From a Boring Routine To A LIFE-IMPROVING Routine

    We are what we do daily. There’s no escape from that. And nobody solved a problem with the same mindset that created it.


    The ancient Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle said:

    We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit".


    So, the step-by-step guide offers you a change in routine, challenging your everyday habits.


    By making just a few, small daily changes, you will incorporate the power of The Universal Laws into your life. And when you also start harnessing the power of your creative faculties, you’ll be one step faster on your way towards happiness.


    Expand Your ThinkingTo Discover The Bigger Picture And Transform Into A Better You.


    So how exactly is this step-by-step guide going to enable you to understand the real nature of reality and have access to the bigger picture for expanded understanding?


    This comprehensive step-by-step guide is comprised of state of the art videos offering in-depth information about various important concepts such as:

    • The Bigger Picture of Reality
    • Laws and Rules of Life
    • Interconnected Reality
    • Law of Receiving And Compensation
    • Blockage Removal
    • Power of Gratitude and much, much more.

    All these ideas will help you expand your thinking and shift your perspective about reality. By applying them into your daily routine you’ll soon start to see improvements and you’ll actually feel you’re transforming into a better you.


    The videos are available in high-quality, high-definition and work on every device, so that you can enjoy them whenever and wherever you are.

    The step-by-step guide consists of 5 steps...


    So, are you ready to become a MASTER of The Universal Laws and this 5 Step Process?


    I Can Help You Start Fast On Your Way To Mastery…


    • I have more than 15 Years of Experience...
      ...based on dedicated, passionate research into The Secret of Life condensed into a super easy step-by-step process.
    • It took more than 12 months just to put the entire program together...
      ...as it contains high quality video footage, great 2 & 3D graphics as well as stunning 3D animations for fun and easier learning and integration.
    • The Program has all you need to Transform Your Life...
      ...the 5 Step System, The Tools, Techniques, Resources, Expert Guidance And Bonus Material enhancing your transformational process.



    #1 - Make A Decision

    Are You Ready To Take Control of Your Life?

    The time is now. There is no such thing as the perfect time to start.


    #2- Follow Easy Instructions

    Are You Ready To Follow A Simple 5 Step System?


    #3 - Commitment

    Are You Ready To Complete The 5 Step Program And Go All The Way To Create Lasting Change?

    This Is What I Learned After Helping Thousands of People From All Over The World...

    Your Chances Of Success And Living A Greater Life...

    • ...is far greater if you understand the rules and laws dictating this Universe. You need quality teaching helping you see The Bigger Picture of Reality.

    You Need An Easy Step-By-Step System To Follow

    • It should be fun and easy to learn and understand.

    • It should contain easy exercises helping you integrate new positive routines into your daily life.

      You Need A Way To Ask Questions - Support

      • On your transformational journey it´s good to get help when needed from people with experience in this field.

      The 5 Step Program Covers It All

      The 3 Key Things You Need To Start Is This:

      2. HELP & GUIDANCE

      The 5 Step Program includes all three elements. It was created so anyone can do it. 


      You get the complete 5 Step Program, which is an easy to follow 5-step self-help–transformational program you can do at your own pace.


      And when ordering now you also get these BONUS GIFTS at No Extra Cost…

      • Finding Your Purpose

        Order now and receive the FindingYour Purpose e-Book at No Extra Cost!


        The book includes straightforward tips and solutions alongside a valuable exercise that will help you learn more about how to find your life purpose.


        With these insights at your fingertips, you’ll see how your life will begin to take its natural course ……and lead you exactly where you need to be.


        And we don´t stop there…

      • Unlock The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

        You´ll get access to comprehensive and life-changing information showing you The Power of Your Subconscious Mind and how it relates to your communication with the Universe.


        You will get the power to break free from the chains of negative thought patterns. No more self-doubt and limiting beliefs holding you back.


        That´s not all.

      • Your Personal Frequency

        You also get access to a whole section with video, audio and ebook about Your Personal Frequency and The Reality Scale which will give you incredible insight about how you create your own reality.


        And there´s more...



      • Super Easy Success-Technique

        You also get this Super Easy Technique to become more successful. Anyone can do it.


        Once you see what this simple, but efficient technique entails you will think to yourself  “Of course, it makes perfect sense”.

      • Creative Visualization Power



        You get access to an easy and efficient plan on how you can harness the power of your creative faculties.

      • Consciousness Creates Your Reality Section

        You also get a whole section about consciousness with ebooks and videos. It will show you how your reality is the result of your consciousness.


        This section will help you get an even better grasp on The Bigger Picture of Reality and The Reality Scale.



      I got even more bonus gifts for you. I’ve secured these highly regarded downloadable ebooks…… to ensure your success in whatever goals you choose from nationally known success and prosperity authors!

      You´ll receive all 6 ebooks written by well known authors such as:

      1. Your Invisible Power - by Genevieve Behrend 
      2. As A Man Thinketh - by James Allan
      3. The Science of Getting Rich - by Wallace D. Wattles 
      4. The Master Key System - by Charles Haanelb
      5. Think & Grow Rich - by Napoleon Hill 
      6. The Law of Success - by Napoleon Hill


      This 5 Step Program is High in Quantity
      High in Quality so you´ll save thousands of dollars.


      You save thousands of dollars with this high value program. Other programs with this level of quality and quantity easily cost between $2,000 to $3,000.


      You get unlimited access for just a fraction of that price.


      Just to illustrate:


      Here´s the breakdown of the real production cost of the high quality videos, graphics and animations of the program:

      • High quality video footage (green screen): $18750
      • High quality 2D & 3D graphics: $3900
      • State of the art 3D animation: $9000

      In total I invested close to $32,000 to create an highly engaging program with the sole purpose of making it easy and fun for you as a student to learn and integrate the life-changing lessons fast.


      The fact is this:
      If you go to a University and do an MBA or a MSc degree it will at least take 5-7 years and the total costs with tuition, other fees and room and board would amount to at least $120,000.


      I spent almost twice the amount of time it takes to get a masters degree on finding out how this Universe truly operates, what The Bigger Picture of Reality is and how it relates to you, me and everyone else.


      I found answers to how you are a three-fold being of body, mind AND soul. And what it takes to create the reality you want faster than you´ve ever done before.


      Best of all - you don´t have to spend years of research or thousands of dollars to accumulate this life-changing knowledge. It´s already done for you.


      You´ll get unlimted access to all the insight for a very affordable price.



        Once you master the 5 step program insights (which is going to happen naturally) and you position yourself on The Personal Reality Scale, you’ll be able to live the life you always imagined, feeling the way you always wanted.


        With this knowledge, you’ll be able to recoup your investment in just days. 


        In addition to HIGH QUALITY TEACHING & TRAINING (#1) you also get…...HELP & GUIDEANCE (#2)

        • You´re not alone. I am here to help you see the Bigger Picture of Reality so you can transform your life. 
        • The program also uses a comment/question sharing-module attached to the different lessons. This way students can also share information.

        This is valued at $2,997.


        You also get...TOOLS & TECHNIQUES (#3). You get all the resources, tools, easy and efficient techniques and exercises necessary for you to transform your life.


        This is valued at $997. 


        And you get all the bonus gifts valued at $997.


        In summary we are talking about $36,641 in REAL VALUE


        #1 Eye-opening teaching & Full video-based training $31,650

        #2 Full support, help, assistance & guidance. You are not alone. 
        Whenever you need help get in touch for expert advice, support and assistance $2,997


        #3 Tool, Techniques & Resources $997


        Bonus gifts $997


        This high value 5 Step method has worked for thousands of students worldwide. It´s been tested and proven. It changes lives.


        Don´t take my word for it. See what some of our students are saying:


        Below you'll find testimonials from different students of this course:

        John Fergusson-Batte


        An excellent course and well worth studying. Camillo delivers easy to understand commentary and is always prompt at answering any questions you may have.


        Prepare yourself for the most important journey you will ever undertake. Don’t hesitate, it will completely change your life. 

        Suzie Ritz


        This course was as real as it gets. With solid information. Camillo thoroughly explained EVERYTHING. Retouched on prior chapters to pull everything together, and rehashed where it was necessary to grasp the idea he was trying to reiterate, because it is a very deep topic. That wouldn’t be so well understood if he didn’t do so…


        He explains everything and more in this course, and I don’t feel like I’m watching some corny movie. I learned something truly priceless to me. He does speak like a well educated professor.


        So if your looking for someone to pull bunny rabbits out of his hat, or some creepy old lady relaying to you the secrets of life this isn’t for you, but if you want to really know what this program and the universal laws are about its really worth it. Im feeling REALLY blessed.

        Cody Michael Mann


        This course was electrifying and very informative!!! This is the course you want to take if you wish to achieve your maximum capabilities in life. Camillo explains things in a descriptive and metaphorical manner, allowing for easier understanding.


        He delivers a clear explanation for a lot of the things I have experienced in life through my own experiences as well as introducing me to many more new ideas and concepts that I didn’t know existed. If you wish to grow as a human being and achieve something greater than what you never thought to be imaginable you need to incorporate these ideas into your life.

        Louise Plant


        I really enjoyed the 5 Steps to Master Your Life Program. I loved the videos and the content. The pdf´s were especially great. Clear precise information and I loved the visuals. It was very good for a visual learner like myself. Plus the analogies that made things easy to understand. I have a clearer understanding to many things now including the power of my intent.

        Alexandra AGM


        I think everyone who feels that there is more to life than what they`ve experienced so far is the perfect candidate for this course. There are things in the course that you can start applying right away in your day to day life and you`ll start seeing changes and results for the better. Thank you Camillo for such a wonderful course.

        Audie-Felicie M'bemba


        This course has changed me, the way I see things and think. Now my life is moving very fast. Thank you so much.

        Gloria Hamilten


        This course is exactly what I was looking for. Yes, it does change your life. If the whole of society would follow these Laws, we would have the type of world we all desire which includes a cared-for natural environment. We would all realise that we can live in harmony and peace, that no one is better than another and that we are all one on this beautiful Planet.

        Julia M. Bellucci, Spiritual Life Coach


        I would recommend this course to all of humanity…as a spiritual life coach the information in this course has increased and added to my knowledge and understanding of consciousness and I feel better able to help my clients too. Thank you from my heart.

        Tracy Boyer


        This course is worth a MILLION BUCKS in my opinion! Thank you Camillo for being such an enlightened being!

        Tosha Saders


        Each section connected more of the questions that I had always thought about, and answered. It is all coming together now!

        Liliana Ospina


        This great course exceeded my expectations. Very good.

        Arthur G.M.


        Hi Camillo,

        I am enjoying "The 5 Steps to Master Your Life" very much. I am very happy that I found this course. I checked several other similar courses before, but it was evident that their creators bundled up several previously known facts and made up a course.


        I appreciate your course, because I can sense that you are really interested in, and love the subject, you have gone deeply into the subject, you are sincere in your teachings, and you are really interested in helping others

        Walter J. Kielkowski


        Thank you Camillo for an outstanding course. The 5 Steps and the Universal Laws help to explain as to why events happen in life. Understanding these Universal Laws facilitates adapting to events/changes in ones life. Thank you Camillo for enlightening me on my journey.



        The 5 steps program’s value is beyond the power of money, as it’s worth will be measured in your increased happiness.


        However, monetary value puts it somewhere around thousands of dollars, as it gathers years of research and it’s created with videos that incorporate some of the latest technologies in graphics.


        The good news is that you don´t have to pay $3000 or $2000 for this life-changing course.


        I didn’t want to price it as high and make it available to the very few. 


        You don´t even have to pay $1000.

          My goal is not to offer the valuable insights of the Universal Laws only to the wealthy.


          My goal is to make as many people knowledgeable in regards to what makes them happy and how to manifest that.


          What about half that - $500?


          No - not even that.






          or $297?


          No, not even that.



          You Get The Entire Program And All The Bonus Gifts For The Surprising Low Cost Of Only...

          $397 (going price)


          30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked!

          And I’m sure you’ll agree that the 5 Steps To Master Your Life Program is incredible value for such a reasonable investment.


          With this low and affordable price you won’t have to make financial sacrifices to get started. In short, you won´t have financial worries to distract you from learning the 5 step process.


          Hurry up to order as this is a limited offer, only for those who are ready to take a hold of their futures now.


          When you’re 80 years old, will you regret more the fact that you’ve spent $197 or the fact that you didn’t fully enjoy life?


          Join the step-by-step guide towards knowledge and fulfilment and become a master of life in our community of global members who are out fully enjoying their life!


              SPECIAL OFFER


              $397 (going price)


              30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked!



              • Use the 5 steps program for a whole month and draw on its knowledge and wisdom without any risk.
              • If it’s not everything I say it is and more, you’ll get your money back guaranteed. No questions asked.
              • Now you have the chance to gain the life you always dreamed of and the peace of mind you always sought without the risk of losing a dime.
              • Your decision to buy the course is totally risk-free!

                30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked!


                TAKE ACTION

                My tens of years of experience make me confident that you’ll not only find the course extremely useful, but afterwards you won’t be able to imagine your life without it.


                The course will lay a step by step guide for your transformational journey, leading to a fulfilled and meaningful life.


                Take Action Now as this is a limited offer, only for those who are ready to take a hold of their futures now!

                30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked!

                NOTHING In Your Life WILL CHANGE unless you TAKE ACTION…

                You can change your life for the better, just like all the students before you, and I will help you get there!


                No matter what you want to achieve you can get it.


                You put my program to the test and see for yourself that it does what I say it does. Change Your Life And Keep The Change!


                And you will never find this program anywhere else at any price. This is the only licensed source of the 5 Steps To Master Your Life Program.


                You are now at a crossroad...

                ...You can take the high road to a new and better life...


                Or... You can continue to live your life just the way it is now seeing the same results year in and year out...


                You know NOTHING WILL CHANGE unless you TAKE ACTION…


                Simply start the first step and in just a few minutes from now you can be patting yourself on the back that you made the right decision to do this now.


                Hurry up to order now as this is a time-limited offer. You´ll get…


                … instant access to the entire 5 Step Program for a fraction of the cost compared to other programs with this level of quantity, quality and value! And……you also get all these bonus gifts Absolutely Free…


                Special Offer

                • High Quality Teaching And Training

                • Help & Guidance

                • Tools, Techniques & Resources


                • All You Need To Change Your Life And Keep The Change

                $397 (going price)

                ONLY $197

                30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked!

                Copyright. All Rights Reserved By Camillo Loken