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The Cycles Of Creation Revealed - A Paradox Of The Infinite And The Finite

"Brilliantly researched material. What an extraordinary man to uncover at such a young age the truth to all of reality. Leaves a sweet taste after reading this book. Extremely insightful and in my opinion a world changing book."
- Hail Tina 
(Amazon review)

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What People Are Saying

  • A world changing book. Must read! Brilliantly researched material. What an extraordinary man to uncover at such a young age the truth to all of reality. Leaves a sweet taste after reading this book. Hail Tina (Amazon review)


  • Awesome read! Extremely insightful and in my opinion a world changing book. Mj (Amazon review)


  • Mind blowing book! Filled with answers to questions I wasn't even sure how to ask. A book that could change your life by changing your perspective. Eye-opening and thought provoking! I have been a keen reader of spiritual/metaphysical books since the seventies due to my firm conviction that we are body, mind and soul. I'm not in the habit of writing reviews, but I felt compelled to after reading this book. 

    The real gem is the part covering the paradox point and how the cycles of creation are driven by the core paradox of the infinite and finite. Using logic as a tool the author explains how consciousness cannot exist outside space and time. This information challenged my well established view of creation.

    Thought provoking yes, but it makes sense. Consciousness needs space and time to be conscious. After more than 40 years of reading spiritual/metaphysical books this is the first time I have encountered this view of creation. I am however, well familiar with some of the other topics covered in this book like energy, frequency and vibrations and how we create our own reality using our thoughts and feelings, how our lives are governed by universal laws etc. All well and good, but the information covering the whole paradox was a real eye opener. In short I found the book to be eye-opening and thought provoking. Robert H.O. (Amazon review)

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Camillo Loken

About the author
Camillo Loken is an author and international speaker on the subject of raising human consciousness in this ongoing awakening process. Camillo has been a spiritual seeker 24/7 for many years. He has gained some groundbreaking information about who we really are and what we are doing here. 

Camillo grew up in a family of physicians and atheists. Later on in life he had an awakening and saw a connection between science and spirituality which totally changed his life. He left a secure and good paying job as a Senior Product Manager in one of the biggest companies in the pharmaceutical industry to embark on a journey to seek the truth about creation. He followed his heart - his passion - his intuition. 


Camillo´s journey lead him to incredible meetings with people with near-death experiences, with psychics and channelers, with shamans and also with the renowned, humanitarian, spiritual leader and ambassador of peace Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Ranked by Forbes Magazine to be one of the most influential people in India.) The insight and wisdom acquired on Camillo´s spiritual journey is reflected in his two latests books for the sole/soul purpose of helping you re-member who you really are: 

1. The Shift in Consciousness &
2. The Paradox of Creation

Camillo is also a teacher/instructor of the popular online course 5 Steps To Master Your Life including details information about the Universal Laws. 



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