Lilli Bendriss & Camillo Loken

Who are we? Where do we come from? What are we doing here? Where are we going?


Humans have sought answers to these four questions for as long as humanity has existed. Now Lilli Bendriss, one of Norway’s most reputation psychics, channels information from a group simply called The Enlightened Beings, and together with Camillo Loken ́s passionate research to find the answers to the secret of life, they share a comprehensive theory on the nature of all reality with the book The Shift in Consciousness.

Camillo Loken 

Camillo grew up in Fredrikstad, Norway in a family of physician (father, uncle and grandfather). It was a family of atheists who told him that we're all alone in the universe and that the dramas of our lives culminating in a final, ignoble end: death. Darkness. You are gone fowever. Game over. Nothing beyond that.


He was taught that life on Earth is just a cosmic coincidence and that life is governed by luck and chance. Camillo adopted this view, but at the age of 16 he gained a keen interest in the unknown. He started reading books about near-death experiences, UFOs, reincarnation and Jose Silvas research on brain patterns and the power of thought.


It became a passion and he wanted to study these interesting topics further, but being a young man he was influenced to pursue a more tradional path in terms of education. As such he spent several years abroad studying computer science and economics at University of Toronto, Canada and Marketing, Sales and Management at University of Surrey, Guildford, England.


He later on worked for the international pharmaceutical company Merck, Sharpe & Dohme before changing direction in life completly due to an awakening.


The passion for the spiritual he had as a teenager had faded away, but it came back with incredible force in 2006. It was so strong and it lead to Camillo quitting his secure job and becoming a spiritual seeker full time.


He embarked on a journey to seek the truth about creation. He gained incredible information about who we really are and what we are doing here. He went on a  quest to find answers to the big four questions.


  • Who are we?
  • Where do we come from?
  • What are we doing here?
  • Where are we going? 

He found a bridge between science and spirituality seeing the connection to the spiritual realm.


This journey lead him to incredible meetings with people with near-death experiences, with psychics and channelers, with shamans and also with renowned, humanitarian, spiritual leaders and ambassadors of peace. The insight and wisdom acquired on this spiritual journey is being reflected in his first book- The Shift in Consciousness for the sole/soul purpose of helping you re-member who you really are. It´s one of many tools emerging in this time of awakening.


In his quest for answers he also met Lilli Bendriss and it became clear that they had much in common. They started working togeher. When they deciced to write a book together they soon realized that much of the channeled information Lilli had received over the course of many years was a perfet fit to Camillo's material.


As such The Shift in Consciousness is a book like no other. The combination of years of gathered research material together with valuable channeled information for the past decades is a unique one. Besides being an author Camillo is also a speaker on the subject of the power of thought and raising human consciousness.



Lilli Bendriss 

At the age of 42 Lilli got her awakening and opened up her ability to channel information from "The Other Side" - the spirit world.


She had been running a restaurant with her husband for many years and began to feel exhausted. A tumor was discovered and she was scheduled for examination at the local hospital, but she also decided to go see an Acupuncturist.


After several treatments he inserted one golden needle in the hara chakra which opened up Lilli's powers. This was the beginning of an exciting journey into other realms and for the last 30 years Lilli has channeled incredible, valuable information for the human race.


Now many of her channelings are seeing the light of day in the book The Shift in Consciousness.


Lilli is a famous medium in Norway and Scandinavia and has for many years appeard in the TV series The Power of the Spirits. She is also an author and speaker on the subject of raising human consciousness. 



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