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In our book The Shift in Consciousness we talk about DNA and the Human Genome Project. This was coordinated by the US Department of Energy and the National Institute of Health, and was completed in 2003 after 14 years of research. Contributions have also been made by Japan, France, Germany, China and Russia, et al. The aims of the project included identifying all the genes of the human genome.

The Genome Project decoded approximately 2% of our total physical DNA. The remaining 98% was determined to have no purpose. In genetics DNA that has no known function is often called "junk DNA", meaning that the components of an organism’s DNA sequences do not code for protein sequences and has no known biological function.


However, two separate research teams decided to investigate this so-called "junk DNA". 

One team from Russia and one from the US. The Russain team was lead by Dr. Peter Gariaev (Pjotr Garijajev) and his team consisted of biophysicists, molecular biologists, embryologists and language experts.


Their research shows that junk DNA is not redundant evolutionary residue as previously claimed. Linguistic studies have shown that the coding sequence of non-coding DNA adheres to basic rules of syntax. There is a definite structure and logic in its sequence, just as there is with a biological language.


The research revealed that the codons actually formed words and sentences in the same way that our human languages conform to grammatical rules. The language of the genes is far older than any human language and could serve as a sort of blueprint for the development of human speech.


Also DNA is influenced by waves and Dr. Gariaev has done extensive research into wave-genetics. showing that a total genetic restructuring is possible just be sending DNA information through the air as waves.  


The US team was led by Professor Eugene Stanley. His team was people from Boston University and Harvard Medical School. They arrived at the same conclusion. They say:


“The non-coding DNA sequences contain a structured language fundamentally unlike the coding in genes. Even though it doesn’t code for proteins, we therefore need to consider the possibility that the ‘junk’ DNA may carry some kind of message.”

In our book we also talk about how our DNA seems to be going through an upgrade. The upgrade has started and will continue. We refer to various sources on this topic of DNA activation. One of them is Sheldan Nidle, the author of You Are Becoming a Galactic Human. He says that we will develop 12 strands of DNA and that DNA is far more complex than we have been taught:


"The so-called junk-DNA is finally beginning to reveal its mysteries. RNA and DNA are starting to activate a 3rd strand. The 12-strand is the end product of planned jumps from two to three to six to twelve."


But what would trigger these planned DNA jumps?


We believe one of the triggers is the special language which Lilli started to channel after a trip to Sedona in 2009. The language is called The Language of Light.


It also goes by the name of The Star Language and The Language Of The Atoms. We have been told that it activates the so-called junk DNA when listening to it. Here is Lillis own story on how she "downloaded" this special language:


 Lilli And The "downloading" Of
The Language Of Light​ (Star Language)

It´s like a dream, thinking back. Me standing in front of Bell Rock. David Singing Bear, Shaman and teacher, right behind me with his hand lightly touching my back. Then the sensation starts. Strong currents of energy soaring through my body, shaking it. I can hardly stand by the sheer weight of it.
And then, the words start flowing from my mouth. They feel like fire in my throat, strange words and yet so very familiar.

I know this language from time primordial, from the very essence of my being. It is a home coming and tears are flowing down my cheeks . Time does not exist through the birth of my Star Language  and yet time brings me back to my conscious  self. Slowly, entering my normal state of being I hear David Singing Bear saying: 

"Lilli, you downloaded from the Star Nation. This is a sacred language from the beginning of our history, and it is spoken and understood by the cells of the body. It is the codes for activation of our DNA".

It was then that the pieces of the puzzle started to fit together. My urge to go to Sedona. I had been there once  almost twenty years back and had received profound and important information regarding my personal path. I knew already then that I would return one day. 

Then, in 2009 my co-workers at the time came up with the idea to bring a group of people on a spiritual journey to Sedona. I knew the time had come, but for what?  The group enjoyed the teaching of the local Shaman David Singing Bear. We had arrived and all was well, but I was still waiting for something. Then came the day where the group was taken to Bell Rock. 


I remembered the dream my colleague and soul sister Silja told me a few months back. In her dream she saw me standing strong and erect between the Red Mountains, and as she watched me I started to get older and older, so wrinkled that I was not recognizable.


It was like you where transformed to represent the wisdom of the ages, she said. Something profound is going to happen to you. Yes, in the aftermath of that day I have come to believe that the Star Language is truly what I downloaded. Transformative for people listening to it.

Since Sedona 2009 Lilli has been channeling this language on and off. In some channeling sessions it comes through and in others not. However, it seems to be coming through more and more and we believe this is because it´s time to wake up.


The time to remember who we are is NOW.


We have seen how this Language of Light affect many people who listen to it. They are being awakened.

Channeling The Language of Light for hundreds of people​

We (Lilli and Camillo) have been attending expos and events in Norway where we speak about The Shift in Consciousness for hundreds of people. When I, Camillo, am done with my part of the talk Lilli goes into trance and starts channeling The Language of Light. It lasts for 5-10 minutes and we have been told that it activates DNA.   


The interesting part is the reaction we´ve seen in the audience after they have been exposed to this language.  As Lilli says: "Every time there are many people approaching me after the channeling and they are crying and telling me how it felt like lightening was hitting them pouring love through their hearts." 


Several people have started talking the Words of the Light themselves. Some people say they can´t control their emotions and they are puzzled as to what is going on in their body. Something in them has changed.


We believe that certain parts of their "junk-DNA" was activated. The Language of Light was the trigger. Some people will not feel anything and it´s just like listening to a language you don´t understand. You might not consciously feel anything, but we have been informed (through channeled information) that at the DNA level an activation is occuring and it will be registered at the subconscious level. 

Read what people say about The Language of Light after they have listened to it: Feedback on The Language of Light.


See also 3 different VIDEOS with The Language Of Light - one which also includes Interdimensional scripts here.

Tove Stavem - psychic - who explained the structure of The Language of Light to us.

The Structure Of The Language of Light
However, none of the people being affected by this language could understand what was being said. Neither did we. The sounds of the language are very strange. However, at one of out expo in Trondheim, Norway in April, 2011 something very interesting happened.


A woman came up to us after the channeling. She understood what was being said. The message of the language was all about building bridges between the different worlds existing in different dimensions and by activating our DNA we will be able to do a shift in consciousness and see the bigger picture. 


And then another very interesting thing occurred. Just a week or so later a friend of ours, Tove Stavem Reite (picture above), called us with some startling information. She said she knew what this special language was all about.


She is a psychic and had been attending our talk on The Shift in Consciousness a few weeks earlier on another expo where Lilli also channeled The Language of Light. 


That same night Tove received a channeling herself and it gave her detailed information about The Language of Light. The information came from an energy-source calling itself The Brotherhood.


Tove did not inform us of this channeling until after she had read a passage in the Norwegian version of The Shift in Consciousness book talking about how everything exists in the so-called empty space. 


This was a direct link to the information she received and it made her contact us. Here is the entire channeling Tove received:


This "language" (language is in quotes because it cannot be compared with earthly languages the way we perceive language) is of a different order than the phonological language found on Mother Earth.

In the intergalactic dimensions frequencies not known to the human sphere exist. The variables and the different variations is a complex system which contain both opportunities and existentialism that will never be known in the earthly dimension. This is an impossibility when the vibrations, features, scope and physics between us can be considered as oil and water.

Nevertheless, we communicate in the same wave oscillations and we have passage between dimensions, albeit in a somewhat covert way. So our star-language will thus work as an intermediate part - albeit a handicap in relation to our language's potential.

It is only the language's sound vibrations, in the earthly term, which is perceived by the human senses. The impact is on a more subtle level, but is just as effective as the physical laws. Our explanation for the scope and communication area of this language will appear unreal, unbelievable and incomprehensible (based on earthly terms). But, with the linguistic terms which our channel (Tove) can produce, we will explain.

It is not correct to call it a language, since this vibrational pattern holds far more than external communications through the "sound". Sound is not necessarily sound, but frequency which is perceived as "sound" of an individual's sensory apparatus.

In our world is the existence of a far more complex pattern, but not quite, but it is perceived as such from an earthly perspective.

The sound waves produces by our sister Lilli (Bendriss) is only one layer in the "language" production index. Just like one instrument in the large philharmonic orchestra. It is only on this earthly sound-level we can reach you even with this rewrite.


The sound you hear is not necessarily what our senses are hearing. However, it must be like this in the transfer (to earth) AND, it sounds like music to our ears when our sister speeches.

The sound which is produced to your ears is in our world 3-dimensional. When the transfer from our dimension to your earthly dimension occurs the filter (= order of the physical laws) will only filter the electromagnetic waves which contain the sound wave frequencies.


This amounts to approx. 10% of the whole modulate. The remainder is communication on other levels/planes. Our channel Tove sees and understands (in part) but, the state of things (the laws of the Earth and the restriction of the language) makes the explanation difficult.

(Digression by Tove: but also because this language is in a multidimensional perspective and must be  seen as substance in time and space where the context is thought, form and energy - the way I "see" it)

Inbetween the audible sound (when Lilli speaks) gaps exist. These gaps have different length, width and height - in all variables! In addition, the spaces can be influenced in their own space - i.e they are plastic and elastic.


All space components may be affected in 3-D format, but also in shape. The possibilities are uncountable. If one imagines a cable or a pipe and the language (the stars language) is collected in this form, one can imagine the possibility of being able to cut off pieces (as in an MRI machine) - pieces as in the nano term - from this "cable/pipe" of language.


These cross-plates will in addition to length-measurements also possess both individual and custom information in a separate dimension/area.

(Digression by Tove: ... this section of the audio language may contain its very own independent information regardless of the overall speech. The MRI section can function independently and possess a completeness in itself)

On a human level you cannot yet understand or use this language or even "see" the  potential. This is located on a DNA level and only when you are a 12 DNA string being will you be able to use it.


Our sister channel (Tove) has experienced "her head in the crystal". So she has seen  and received an insight - a flash of insight - even if the frustration was great when the head was pulled out and only her human understanding remained (smile). But, because of this we can use her now. Deeper insight and understanding will come later for all.


(Digression by Tove: This was an experience on the mountain in Volda, Norway a few years ago when Ashtar Commander Ashtar Sheran came and showed me a crystal. When I got my head inside the crystal  my understanding of the world and the universe changed. I got to experience a full comprehension of the universe with "super" brain. This disappeared when my head was taken out and I was back to normal again. But the experience has provided me wih insight to see things in a different way and with another  understanding of how the laws and overview of the universe work).


Back to the language: Within these spaces, the dimensions contained in the spaces, we find the intention, consciousness, thought, communication, selection, transfer, yes all the multifaceted variables in the existential mind. In this case, our being.


This means that our "thoughts", attitudes, intent, etc. affects receptors in the potential of language. It is this influence from our minds which manifest (not manifest on the earthly plane) in our language. This then becomes a transfer station of information to others. In this "language-cable/pipe" constituents exist on many levels. These parts transduce on different levels and they also transduce differently on their own plane. 

It's like layers in a cacophony - albeit in the cosmic order. The language will work for us both as a communication between us, but also as tools (sound) where it can be used on many levels e.g like a scanner - like the dolphin.


However, these wavelengths penetrates the membranes and rebuild destroyed matter. The sound vibrations of our language sister Lilli will be used for human development. It will not be possible to write down the language she speaks since the sound waves are not verifiable. But, they can be digitized (smile) and used in meditation and than as background noice under another speech. This will "spread" the message faster .

** (You've got so well-developed technology - (laughter)


Channeled by Tove Stavem Reite February 14th, 2011 from the energy-being The Brotherhood



The Brotherhood is talking about using the language Lillis speaks for human development/upgrading and hence we believe that this language is an important part of DNA activation for people on Earth in our process towards becoming an enlightened being with 12 active DNA strings. Just like Sheldan Nidle says: "The 12-strand is the end product of planned jumps from two to three to six to twelve."


The origin of The Language Of Light​

A few days after we received this channeled information from Tove, Lilli did a channeling of her own from the energy source The Council of Elders. Here Lilli received information about the origin of the language and it confirms what was channelled by Tove:  The Language of Light is a trigger for DNA activation helping us to remember who we are.


Here is Lillis channeling:

Around 20 million years ago, a Star Nation was formed. They came from the farthest corner of your universe, the beings that held the best intention at heart.

To create and associate with several leagues, promoting a great experiment. To create a common sound resonance that would keep particles rotating through a vacuum of nothingness, so that structures of beingness would spiral out into all directions.


Build reason and promote intelligence through a blueprint of love. Through the holographic structure of the universe it would be held through memories and spin eternally to words, each soul borne under its command.


This is the true story of The Tower of Babel. It was part of the experiment that the sounds as well as the void between the sounds would be forgotten through the mists of time and replaced by various offspring derived from the first creation.


Galactic wars broke out, further breaking asunder the sounds of the ether's with their holotronic weapons and brother stood up against brother and they could not any longer communicate through the voice of the sacred sounds of love.


They fell like shooting stars into oblivion and fell asleep , dreaming about separation. Lo and Behold, they are awakening now as star seeds walking the shores of the eternal lands of love. They vibrate and move the strings of your holy blueprint. The tuning fork finding the exact tune for you to sing.


The rhythm which once made them fall asleep has awakened them again because this is the time set for this experiment to end, so that you will sing your way back to resonance of becoming connected to all there is, was and ever will be. FREE.


Channeled by Lilli Bendriss on April 13th  2011 - from the energy-being The Council of Elders



The Message From The Council of Elders

After receiving the important message from Tove through the Brotherhood and after Lillis own channeling via The Council of Elders we, Lilli and Camillo, realized the importance of spreading this language to as many people as possible. Hence we needed to record it and give it away as an mp3 file. 

Several channeling sessions
On April 26th, 2011 we did several channeling sessions in order to record The Language of Light. Lilli went into trance and after a minute or so the language came through.


The recording lasted app. 10 minutes.


We did not understand what was being said and we wanted to ask if The Council would tell us the meaning of the sounds being spoken through Lilli. As such we did a second session/recording asking The Council of Elders (the energy-being speaking through Lilli)  about the the message within the language.


We received a lengthy answer which also including why we, Lilli and Camillo, are both involved in this type of work. We have written down the answer and it will be given to all those who wants to download the Language of Light and listen to it.


It also contains the significant role of the pyramids and why so many pyramids have been found in the last decade.


We strongly believe that The Language of Light is one of many tools for the great awakening prophesied by so many indigenous people. This is why we have chosen to share it with you here and in our book.


If you feel it in your heart that this information resonates with you and you are ready to listen to this special language please download the free mp3 file containing The Language of Light along with a pdf file that will explain the message of the language. 



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