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''The Shift In Consciousness'' strives to bridge gap between spirituality and science:

Oslo, Norway (MMD Newswire) September 21, 2011. 


What do you get when you combine a former atheist/rationalist/scientific type with an ex-restaurateur who, thanks in part to a golden needle, found a new calling in midlife as a medium?


While that sounds like the premise for an intriguing fantasy or sci-fi TV series, Norwegian authors and speakers Camillo Loken and Lilli Bendriss are real people, and they're perfectly serious. Together this unlikely pair has penned a book, "The Shift in Consciousness" (Galileo Publishing, 2011) that makes an earnest effort to bridge the often frustrating gap between science and spirituality.


That's a pretty ambitious undertaking, one that has been attempted by numerous authors in recent years, but Loken says:


"This is the first book, as far as we know, that combines a balanced mix between 'channeled' information and science. There are tons of spiritual books on the market, including books that are purely 'channeled' information like 'Seth Speaks' or 'A Course in Miracles.'


You'll also find a lot of books dealing with philosophy-based information about ancient beliefs, and in recent years there have been several books using science and research to explain how the universe is a thinking, living, vibrating unit and not just some random occurrence. Gregg Braden's books 'Fractal Time' and 'Divine Matrix' are examples of the latter. However, you will not find any books containing both 'channeled' information and scientific research addressing spirituality. As such, our book is unique."


Originally written in Norwegian and recently translated into English, "The Shift in Consciousness" was written for the growing audience of educated spiritual seekers who retain an interest in science and research.


The work draws on a wide range of research and literature in the scientific, metaphysical, and spiritual arenas - the authors used nearly 150 sources - and covers trending and perennially popular topics alike.


Among these are energy, frequencies and vibrations, death, the soul, karma, reincarnation, quantum mechanics, consciousness, thought and mind power patterns, near-death experiences, dimensions and density levels, our shifting consciousness, and much more.


Says Loken, "People who had read spiritual information for decades told us that this book summed up all their reading as well as putting their studies in perspective. They told us that they use our book as a kind of encyclopedia and keep coming back to it over and over again since it is packed with incredible information balancing channeled messages and research/science."


While skeptics will almost certainly raise their eyebrows, there's no denying that the Seth books Loken mentioned have been enormously popular for several decades." A Course In Miracles" has a legion of followers worldwide. And millions of baby boomers, Gen-X'ers, and younger people have displayed an abiding interest in the hodge-podge of topics covered in "The Shift in Consciousness."


The popularity of the DVD "What The Bleep Do We Know?" and the multi-media phenomenon "The Secret," as well as a host of new titles from publishers such as Hay House, demonstrate that there is a worldwide appetite for spirituality content. In other words, Loken and Bendriss are riding a solid trend, though for them it's not about trendiness but about getting what they feel is an important message out to the world.


"Unlike 'The Secret,' which just touched on the so-called Law of Attraction, 'The Shift In Consciousness' goes way beyond just one universal law," says Loken.


"Our book demonstrates how spirituality and science are now approaching each other like never before. When people start to understand that we are part of a living, vibrating universe and that what we think and feel actually makes a difference in the world around us through the electromagnetic fields we send out, it will change our lives for the better."


What's all this talk about vibrations?


Loken explains, "Extensive research on the heart shows that it is the largest generator of electromagnetic fields, which influence the atoms, which again make up our world and reality. As such, I believe we are living in a vibrating and sentient universe and we have the power to change our lives - and perhaps even the world - by the way we think and feel."


The story of the authors of "The Shift In Consciousness" is probably worthy of a book in itself. Camillo Loken grew up in a family of physicians; his father, uncle, and grandfather were all doctors.


"It was," he says, "a family of atheists who instilled in me that we humans are all alone in the universe, and that the dramas of our lives culminate in a final and often ignoble end: Death. Darkness. You are gone forever. Game over. Nothing beyond that."


Loken was also taught that life on Earth is just a cosmic coincidence, and that luck and chance govern our lives. He adopted this view, but at the age of sixteen gained a keen interest in the unknown. He began reading books about near-death experiences, UFOs, reincarnation, and Jose Silva's research on brain patterns and the power of thought.


"I wanted to study these interesting topics further, but being a young man, I was influenced to pursue a more traditional path in terms of education," Loken says.


"I fell back into the belief system I'd grown up with: that the only way to succeed in this life of coincidences is to work hard, get good grades and hopefully end up with a well-paying job you like. So I studied computer science and economics at the University of Toronto, Canada and then later I studied Hotel & Catering Management at the University of Surrey, England. I ended up as a product manager at Merck, Sharpe & Dohme, one of the biggest companies in the pharmaceutical industry." It was a great-paying gig that lasted for more than a decade. But something was missing from his life."


Though Loken's passion for the unknown had faded away, it returned with incredible force several years ago. "It was a moment of awakening - like waking up from a very long sleep and being starved for information," Loken explains.


He went on a quest to find answers to the big four questions. Who are we? Where do we come from? What are we doing here? Where are we going? The vast amount of information he gathered would later become the foundation of "The Shift in Consciousness."


In his quest for answers, Loken met Lilli Bendriss, and it became clear that they had much in common. They started to work together, and when they decided to write a book together they soon realized that much of the "channeled" information Lilli had received throughout the years was a perfect fit with Loken's material.


There was a silver thread connecting all of their diverse data, and it was too strong to ignore.


Lilli Bendriss had her own "awakening" experience about twenty years ago when she was in her early forties. She had been running a restaurant with her husband for many years and began to feel unusually exhausted.


When a tumor was discovered she was scheduled for examination at the local hospital, but she also decided to go see an acupuncturist. After three treatments, she says, the acupuncturist inserted one gold needle into her "hara" or sacral, "chakra" (according to Eastern tradition, the chakras are centers of energy in the body).


Bendriss believes it was this event that opened up her powers to receive information from "the other side." Whatever the cause, something had changed. Bendriss went on to become a famous medium in Norway and all over Scandinavia, and has for many years appeared in the TV series "The Power of the Spirits."


She also became an author and speaker on the subject of raising human consciousness. Now much of the information Bendriss received from otherworldly realms is seeing the light of day in the book, "The Shift In Consciousness."


Regardless of one's opinions about channeling or chakras, one's belief or lack thereof in the power of thought to mold the world at large, or one's take on the authors' interpretations of the research they cite, Loken and Bendriss believe "The Shift In Consciousness" will provide a starting point for spirited (so to speak) conversations on some of life's most complex questions.


"Science," declares Loken, "is finally catching up to what esoteric and spiritual teachers have stated for a long time. There is more to this world than what our five senses keep telling us. We all have incredible creative powers, and we hope our book will help make more people see that they hold all the power to be part of an individual and collective consciousness shift - and thus to create the kind of world we all want."


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