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Humans have sought answers to the following four questions for as long as humanity has existed:

  • who are we?
  • where do we come from?
  • what are we doing here?
  • where are we going?

The Shift in Consciousness book offers a thorough examination of each of these questions, providing the reader with extensive information and possible conclusions.


Lilli Bendriss, one of Norway’s most reputation psychics, channels information from a group simply called The Enlightened Beings, and together with Camillo Loken ́s passionate research to find the answers to the secret of life, they share a comprehensive theory on the nature of all reality.


This book addresses a wide range of research and literature in the scientific, metaphysical and spiritual arenas, covering topics such as energy, frequencies and vibrations, death, the soul and soul journeys, karma, reincarnation, quantum mechanics, consciousness, thought and mind power patterns, near-death experiences, dimensions and density levels, the astral plane, our shifting consciousness, and much more.


We live in a time where humanity can take its next step in evolution from Homo Sapiens to Homo Luminous - The Enlightened Beings. This step will require a conscious shift in each and every one of us. With this book the authors intention is to contribute to this shift for the good of all.

Featured on Crimson Circle
The Shift in Consciousness book was featured on Crimson Circle in
their Shaumra Newsletter Aug/Sept. issue 2011.


Mr. Jan T. Amland became paralysed from the chest down. Doctors told him he would not walk for 2-3 years. While in hospital his wife read to him from The Shift in Consciousness. He believed what the book conveyed - that we have powers to heal ourselves. It helped him recover in record time. Just a few months later he was walking, playing soccer and windsurfing. Read his amazing story here



The Shift in Consciousness presents and connects all the most exciting and interesting theories and ideas related to the shift in consciousness that supposedly and quite possibly is taking place right now. You really only need this book to be completely updated on this huge and fantastic subject. The best of all is that all these rather complex theories are presented in a way that is comprehensible even for dim and uneducated souls like myself. If I were you (which I very well might be) I'd check it out. :)
- Amazon review from Lars Kilevold - famous Norwegian songwriter.

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Editor’s Notes
Ever since the turn of the new millennium, people have been seeking even more for the answers to the questions of our unknown future, as well as our mysterious beginnings.


Scriptures, prophecies, even science has determined that humankind is headed into a revolution, as it were, of body, mind and spirit. Never before have so many been so willing to awaken themselves to their origins, as well as take control of their lives as co-creators of their own reality. These surely are exciting and historical times to be alive.


When I was contacted by Mr. Løken to assist with the editorial process of bringing The Shift in Consciousness into an English translation, I was thrilled. As I read, I discovered hidden truths rising out of his research. Even though this is information I’ve known from other sources, somehow bringing it all together in one book make the threads more obvious as to how we are all connected, and that knowledge is an interwoven tapestry, a force field accessible to all.


Not only is the collection of information he has obtained intriguing and excellently organized, the range of topics he is able to cover is exceptionally wide and thought-provoking.
What is important to note is that Ms. Bendriss was not apprised of the results of his research. As he asked her questions specific to the topics he was studying, hers was a blind response, as she was unaware of his findings at the time of the sessions.


This extraordinary resonance brings even more credibility to the hypotheses put forth and should give readers even more food for thought.

As you read, allow The Shift In Consciousness to tap into your imagination and expand your thinking of who you are, why you are here, where you came from, and especially where you are headed as you dive into your own expansion of consciousness. This is a journey, you see, that you don’t want to miss.

Barbara With, award-winning author of Imagining Einstein: Essays on M-Theory, World Peace & The Science of Compassion and founder of Conflict REVOLUTION®, a process for world peace, one person at a time, starting with you.www.barbarawith.com



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